A filling doesn’t have to ruin the look of your teeth! Dr. Aust can create a resin composite filling that matches the color of your teeth perfectly! Composite fillings with a natural look and feel also require that less of the tooth is lost in the preparation process because less drilling is needed. White fillings contain no mercury or metals, they are made from acrylic and glass particles. They also support the tooth and insulate against temperature changes.

Getting a filling is a simple process and can be accomplished in one visit. First, the decay is removed from the tooth, and the tooth is prepared with a bonding agent. Next, the composite material is put in the tooth and molded. Last, the material is hardened using intense light rays. In the final step, the enamel is filed down to preserve your bite.  If you are interested in getting natural looking, non-toxic fillings call 262-444-5018 or email APPT@ModernFamilyDenitists.com to book an appointment today.