TL;DR-  We’re awesome to you, we pay well and give bennies!  You need to be all of what’s listed below and pass a criminal background check and credit check to join our team.  We have over 5,000 patients to serve and they feel safe with us.  If you want to help us with that, and if you love to learn, you’re gonna love it here!  These doctors do tons of specialty work.  Get ready for #noboringworkdays

You’re energetic, organized, focused and passionately care about the wellbeing of others, and that’s why you want a career at one of Kenosha’s most renowned family run and owned dental practices. Modern Family Dentists can help you realize your true potential while offering the training and support needed for a successful career in the healthcare industry. Our work ethic allows us to provide the quality of personalized care we’re so popular for, but it can’t be done without our family of compassionate and dedicated team members. If you’re ready to help us put a smile on our patient’s faces, take a look at our open positions.

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Who We Are

Because Smiles Change Outcomes, it’s our mission to provide a flexible service and helping each and every one of our patients to have a smile they can be proud of.

Our vision is to stay at the forefront of modern dentistry and provide the most efficient care possible.


We’re called Modern Family Dentists for a good reason. We appreciate that families can be busy, so we aim to provide a flexible service to suit all time schedules. With appointments available from as early as 8am to as late as 7pm, we make sure everyone can receive the quality dental care they deserve at a time that suits them.

Modern By Name, Modern By Nature

As technology advances, so do our procedures. We like to stay at the forefront of modern dentistry – always providing the most efficient care possible without ever compromising on quality. (expand)

Family is Our Middle Name

We don’t just treat families, we treat our team as a family. Modern Family Dentists is the result what happens when a family works together to make a difference. The years of hard work put in by Mr & Mrs Drs Aust is a prime example of what can be achieved through hard work and dedication, and it’s this ethic that plays a huge role in our team and the care we provide.

Dentists? We’re More Than That!

We always like to get to know each and every single one of our patients. It’s this personal touch that makes a huge difference, and it’s also one of the reasons we’re so popular in the Kenosha, WI area. Many of our patients could easily choose a dental practice closer to their home, but instead come from miles around for our personal care and attention. Our friendly approach and financial flexibility sets us apart, and the healthy smiles on our satisfied patients are the (sugar-free) icing on the proverbial cake.

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We know hard work pays off. In fact, both Mr & Mrs Drs Aust put in more than their fair share of hours to pay for their education, and Dr. Aust helped build their clinic with his own hands – a true labor of love. With this in mind, a career at Modern Family Dentists doesn’t come without it’s rewards.

If you’re willing to help us meet our high standards of care and professionalism, you’ll receive the same benefits of a large commercial practice while working in a small business setting.

Here are just some of the benefits you’ll receive at Modern Family Dentists.

After 90 days:

  • High hourly rate compared to our competitors
  • Short and Long-term Disability

After one year:

  • 401 (k) with 3% match
  • Paid time off

These are just a handful of the incredible benefits of working with Modern Family Dentists – but we consider the family spirit of our team to be the greatest benefit of them all. Being able to look forward to coming to work instead of trying to get the work week over as quickly as possible certainly has it’s perks.

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Working for Modern Family Dentists

Our small yet dedicated team all pulls together like a family unit, enabling us to provide the very best dental care we can for our patients. Because of our combined work ethic, we prefer to think of it as working with us, and not for us. Each team member plays a vital role in the provision of care – the doctors can’t perform their job as efficiently without an enthusiastic assistant, the office can’t run smoothly without our organized front desk operators, and we wouldn’t be performing procedures in such a sterile environment without our impeccable cleaner/s. This fine-tuning of roles means every member of the Modern Family Dentists team is always encouraged to develop both personally and professionally.

If you’re looking for more than just a challenge, but to also be part of a friendly and dynamic like-minded team of (professionals? Dental superheroes? other?), then take a look at our open positions to not only see how you can help us, but how we can help you. (or, to not only see what we can offer you, but what you can offer us.)

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