Pediatric Dentistry:

Children should first come to the dentist after their first tooth breaks through the gums. We carefully monitor the teeth to spot any issues before they become serious concerns. Watching the primary teeth for signs of decay and improper growth can give signs of what the adult teeth will come in like, and if spotted early enough treatment can be given. In some cases we may recommend your child sees a dentist that specializes in pediatric dentistry.

Brushing should start with baby! Fluoride toothpastes should not be used until the age of two, until then water is acceptable. It is important to teach good oral hygiene habits to children early. Bringing them to the dentist reinforces the behaviors you teach your children at home, like regularly brushing and flossing. We also check for cavities, which could lead to costly procedures down the road if not caught early on.

As a father, Dr. Aust will have your children grinning from ear to ear after a visit to Modern Family Dentists. To schedule an appointment call 262-444-5018 or email