Bad breath can affect us all for a whole manner of reasons, but for some people chronic foul-smelling breath can become more than just an occasional embarrassing problem. This is known as halitosis, a condition that affects approximately 35% of people. While some cases are simply caused by poor oral hygiene, other cases are harder to identify and tackle without professional assistance.


Here at Modern Family Dentists LLC, we can help you get to the root of the problem and tackle your halitosis head-on, leaving you to breathe easy without the embarrassment often associated with bad breath.


What is halitosis?

Unlike temporary foul-smelling breath often found after eating certain strong-smelling foods such as garlic or onions, halitosis the name given to cases of chronic bad breath. Halitosis is most often a symptom of an underlying condition, and can be caused by:


  •         Gum disease
  •         Tooth decay
  •         Gastroesophageal reflux
  •         Intolerance to certain foods
  •         Poor dental hygiene


These are just some of the main reasons that can cause halitosis.


After tooth decay and gum disease, halitosis is the third most common reason most people visit their dentist. Thankfully, our satisfied patients at Modern Family Dentists LLC visit us more often because of the personal care, attention and personalized treatment we’ve become famous for both in and around the Kenosha area.


When you visit Modern Family Dentists LLC for halitosis treatment, we will thoroughly examine you to uncover the cause of your bad breath. We will then arrange a personalized treatment plan to treat the cause of your halitosis, helping to give you fresh-selling breath again.


How can halitosis be treated?

In the majority of cases, prevention is better than cure. Poor oral hygiene is the most common factor that leads to bad breath, so maintaining your oral hygiene regime and regular dental check-ups are by far the best way to prevent halitosis. You do brush your teeth twice a day and floss at least once a day, don’t you?


However, once halitosis has been diagnosed, we can offer a variety of suitable treatments that will have your breath smelling fresh again sooner than you might think.


If your halitosis is found to be caused by tooth decay or gum disease, we will provide the appropriate treatment for these conditions. In most cases, halitosis simply goes away once these issues have been dealt with.


Can smoking cause halitosis?

More often than not, the foul breath usually associated with smoking tobacco is due to the tobacco itself. However, the countless chemicals found in most cigarettes can contribute to the causes of halitosis such as gum disease. Therefore, it may well be that smoking tobacco may be the cause of your halitosis. While we strongly discourage the smoking of tobacco anyway, we would encourage you to cease your tobacco smoking as soon as possible.


If you’re worried about your bad breath, why make an appointment today to visit us at Modern Family Dentists LLC? That way, you can discover for yourself how our personalized care can cure you of your halitosis.