Has the brightness of your smile faded away? If so, then teeth bleaching may be the most suitable treatment to help you get whiter, brighter teeth. Modern Family Dentists LLC can provide you the quickest, safest and most effective method for regaining that pearly white sparkle you once had.

Let’s face it – who doesn’t want a Hollywood smile? We know all too well that ​Smiles Change Outcomes ​ , so our Nice & Bright Tooth Whitening program can help you put some sparkle back into your smile.

You don’t even need to make regular dental appointments with us – your treatment can be done in our office and then continued at home.

How is the Nice & Bright Tooth Whitening program different to store-bought kits?

While many store-bought tooth whitening kits make incredible claims of instant sparkly-white teeth, these claims are often unfounded. Many of these over-the-counter kits take a long time to work, and results often aren’t as pleasing as many people had hoped. When you come to Modern Family Dentists LLC for your teeth-whitening treatment, we use KoR whitening in our Nice & Bright Tooth Whitening program to make sure you get the brightest smile imaginable.

How does it work?

Our program gives you the full professional color-management system our satisfied patients have grown to love at Modern Family Dentists, LLC.

We will speak to you about your needs, and create a fully personalized treatment program. You’ll get a unique, custom-made tray to fit your teeth, and – you’d better believe it – a ​lifetime’s supply of KoR teeth whitening gel!

It’s so easy to use, but we will talk you through the process before you leave our office so you’ll know exactly what you need to do.

How does the KoR gel work to whiten my teeth?

When we provide you with your customized tray, you simply place the correct amount of gel into the tray (don’t worry – we’ll show you how it’s done!) and place it in your mouth, over your teeth.

The KoR gel is absorbed into the teeth, whitening not only the enamel but also the inner layers of the tooth. This process only takes about an hour and is incredibly effective.

Because every smile is different, we will discuss your teeth whitening needs and what type of program is right for your specific type of tooth discoloration. We will help you get the smile you want through the most gentle and effective means possible. At Modern Family Dentists LLC, we can provide almost any dental treatment you may need at a price you’ll love. So, whether you’re looking for a teeth-whitening program or a full set of replacement teeth, we can help you. And remember – Smiles Change Outcomes.