Did you know that the most common surgical procedure in America is a tooth extraction? This is for many reasons, but is most usually due to poor dental hygiene, excess sugar consumption, or both.


If you have a broken or decayed tooth, there is a chance it could be repaired without the need for extraction. In some cases, however, your tooth or teeth may need to be removed.


Here are some of the most common reasons that lead to a tooth extraction:


  •         Severe tooth decay
  •         A tooth broken beyond repair
  •         Gum disease
  •         Abscess (a buildup of pus in or around your teeth)
  •         Crowded teeth – where there is not enough space in your jaw for all of your teeth
  •         Impacted wisdom teeth – when your wisdom teeth cannot emerge properly


At Modern Family Dentists LLC, we take great care in assessing whether or not your tooth or teeth can be saved. If not, we can provide an exceptionally painless tooth extraction for you.


Whenever possible, we will always do our very best to ensure your tooth can be saved using a variety of procedures such as a filling or crown. If it becomes clear that the tooth cannot be saved, then we will talk you through the tooth extraction process.


Tooth extraction is typically a very straightforward process. You only need to receive Novocain, an injectable anesthetic which numbs the area around the tooth to be extracted, which eliminates the pain of the procedure.


What happens during a tooth extraction?


After we have assessed your situation and decided that extraction is the best possible option, we arrange your tooth extraction and talk you through the procedure.


We then inject your gums with Novocain, a mild local anaesthetic that will numb the area around the tooth or teeth to be extracted. While you will be awake during the procedure, you will feel no pain.


The next step is to remove the tooth or teeth using forceps. If the tooth is particularly problematic, we may be required to break up the tooth into smaller segments. This makes problem teeth easier to remove with fewer complications.


In most cases, we then thoroughly clean the gap where your tooth was, and then you’re good to go!


I’m scared of having my teeth removed – what can be done?


At Modern Family Dentists LLC, we’re aware that some patients fear visiting their dentist. We take dental anxiety very seriously, and always take the time to fully explain each procedure and do everything we can to put you at ease.


We’re always happy to listen to your concerns, and can offer a variety of options to make your experience as pleasant and pain-free as possible.


Ranging from gentle reassurance to complete sedation, we always ensure our patients are completely comfortable before they undergo any dental procedure. We want your experience at Modern Family Dentists LLC to be a positive one!


Experience for yourself the highest level of professional care and attention we’ve become famous for in the Kenosha area – book your appointment with Modern Family Dentists today. And remember – Smiles Change Outcomes.