The Pleasant Prairie History Museum is a great place to visit if you are interested in local history. You can learn about the town’s past through more than 1,600 different places and people that have shaped the area. There are special events throughout the year, too. The museum is located at 3875 116th St, Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158 which was built in 1927. You can also purchase some of the artifacts that were on display.

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The Pleasant Township Historical Society and Museum is located in the old Dublin School. The museum’s mission is to teach visitors about Pleasant’s past and present. There are three galleries that feature exhibits about local history and culture. You can explore both permanent and temporary exhibits. Admission is free! To learn more, visit the website. The Pleasant Prairie History Museum is also a great place to visit if you’re in the area.

The museum houses many items from the town’s history. Visitors will be able to find the legendary locations that were used in movies like Public Enemies. You can visit the Little Bohemia Lodge, which was the setting for the famous firefight. The restaurant is still a popular destination, and the location was used to film the movie Public Enemies. The restaurant was preserved to show the unique history of the area. Original bullet holes remain on the walls, and Dillinger memorabilia are on display. In fact, legends have been attributed to the mysterious bag that the Dillinger was carrying.