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For the hearing impaired:

Hello, I’m Dr. Michaelangelo Aust of Modern Family Dentists. I wanted to create this video, because I just don’t think that you should spent a lot of money to decide whether or not you’re going to enjoy your health care provider. I wanted to create this video so you can tell the types of patients that do excellent at Modern Family Dentists. First, let me say, if you are a particularly angry person or a mean person, you need to find a mean, angry doctor and you can be mean and angry to each other and you can be miserable ever after. That is not the types of people we are at Modern Family Dentists. If you’re the type of patient, however, that maybe missing some or a lot of teeth, I have great options for you! If your the type of patient that’s afraid of the dentist, I’ve helped hundreds of patients just like you! You might be looking for value-based dentistry, value-minded dentistry. That is what this company is all about. You also might be the type of person where your body is your temple and you want somebody that respects that. I fully understand what you need. My name is Dr. Michaelangelo Aust with Modern Family Dentists and I can’t wait to meet you. I hope I get to serve you soon. And remember: Smiles Change Outcomes! Have a great day.