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For the hearing impaired:

Hello, I’m Dr. Michaelangelo Aust and welcome to the Oral Health Care Improvement Program. I’m Dr. Aust, the president and founder of Modern Family Dentists. Before we dive into the videos and I begin to share information with you I wanted to give an introduction to you.

I had a lot of fun creating this video series. Technology is really amazing and we’re certainly a high tech office. The same technology that brings us together like this actually also drives us apart. We’re on our cell phones every day and we text and we’re sending emails and we’re doing reports and we really work in this high tech world. What that begins to do is to place us into a bubble. We begin to think that whatever problem we may have, it’s our own unique problem and no one else could be experiencing this. I’ve treated over 4800 unique individuals.

So, for you to think your problem is unique, I’ve probably not only seen it multiple times and treated it successfully, but there’s probably a really simple solution. What happens as we begin to put ourselves into these bubbles and not let the people in who could help us the most, that becomes very painful. The pain can be emotional pain, because we don’t like our smile. Or, the pain can be physical pain in your joints, your muscles or even your teeth. There is certainly a wide variety as you’ll see over the next couple of days, where problems can come from. As you receive this information, the natural thing to do is to become skeptical. The reason for is it’s putting yourself back in the bubble. The people that deny themselves help the most, certainly have the worst oral health conditions. That’s probably not you, because you’re obviously interested in your health and learning about how to improve it. So, I really look forward to delivering these videos to you.

But, before we get into that, you’re investigating your health care provider and that should be part of your inner circle and I encourage that to happen. It’s really difficult today to find a provider. If your a patient your going to learn a lot. If your a dentist, and you’re watching this series, you’ll learn a lot. I was invited to be a faculty member, two years after I graduated and I certainly jumped on that idea. Really anything that you hear, feel free to use my words to treat your patients. What that does is increase my impact. There’s more patients in the world than I could ever hope to treat and I certainly love to help dentists and patients alike.

There’s an equation. It’s my own equation and something that I obsess over. It’s called the VALUE EQUATION. It’s something that I put a lot of thought into. In dentistry I feel that value equals (savings+benefits) divided by cost. The cool thing about savings and benefits is that it’s two-fold. With savings you’re thinking about dollars and cents. To the patient, it’s money. To the dentist, it’s the savings of your body parts. You are always going to have a higher value when you can save a portion of your body. My job as a dentist is not only to help you save parts of your body, but to save as much of it as possible. That is very important. With benefits, you’re thinking about your insurance benefits. I’m thinking about quality of life, happiness, health, the ability to taste and chew. So, happiness is something I certainly think about. This is my trademarked equation. This is the thing I obsess about at night, because this makes it all about you. And that is really the foundation of Modern Family Dentists. We ask ourselves: Whose experience is it? That is the thing that drives our care. It’s the patient’s experience, it’s the patient’s value. It needs to be all about you. So, I welcome you to the video series. I really hope that you enjoy it. This is Dr. Michaelangelo Aust and I will see you tomorrow!

‘re the type of patient, however, that maybe missing some or a lot of teeth, I have great options for you! If your the type of patient that’s afraid of the dentist, I’ve helped hundreds of patients just like you! You might be looking for value-based dentistry, value-minded dentistry. That is what this company is all about. You also might be the type of person where your body is your temple and you want somebody that respects that. I fully understand what you need. My name is Dr. Michaelangelo Aust with Modern Family Dentists and I can’t wait to meet you. I hope I get to serve you soon. And remember: Smiles Change Outcomes! Have a great day.