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Hello, this is Dr. Michalangelo Aust and welcome to today’s bite size bit. Today we’re going to talk about Botox and Dermal Fillers. Botox has a lot of uses like I talked about in a previous video, for grinding. For women who have a very strong jaw and who grind, you can actually re-contour this muscle, over time, with Botox. Dermal fillers are really wonderful, because you can shape the lip after an aesthetic case. You can get rid of the lines that are called our nasal labial folds. For a lot of women, the corners of their mouths turn down and we can usethe dermal fillers to perk the corners of that lip up. That works wonders. Now, when you use these, and we’re certainly more conservative and you can start to look like your from L.A. I just don’t let that happen. I’m the referee. Some women just want to go for it. Botox actually takes a couple of weeks to soak in and there’s a lot of different places to accomplish a lot of different things, to get the desired outome that you want. When you come in the first time, we’re going to do Botox and we’re going to wait a couple of weeks. Love it or hate it. There’s going to be a little bruising and soreness afterwards. Then your going to come back and then we’re going to do the dermal fillers, because this will save you money, if you do it my way. i chart everything that we do and I basically make a graph out of your face to know what goes where. You’re going to perk up, just from the Botox, then we’re going to use the dermal fillers. If you do it all at once, you can’t really tell if the Botox or the dermal fillers are what have the affect. As you’re mapping it out, when you come back for re-treatments, you can do them together. You don’t have to do them both together. Some people just want their lips perked up and fuller lips and that’s going to be the dermal fillers. You can really make that decision. We’ll talk about that. As you move forward with it, I’m going to referee and I’m not going to have you looking like you should be running around Southern California, because you can overdo it and wind up with a very plastic look. Its certainly fine for out there, it’s just that we’re a little bit different in this part of the country. You need somebody that’s going to help you. Botox prices out per unit and dermal fillers prices out per syringe. If you just bundle it all up, you don’t know what you get the maximum benefit from. It’s important to titrate yourself up to the natural look. When you’re done with this stuff, you want someone to say “Did you get your hair cut?” or “Did you change your make up?” You want it to be pretty natural and unnoticable, just an enhancement. That’s the point of using these.

We have a lot of men that are using Botox and because of the grinding and damage. When you see somebody smile and it’s like two flatlines, this looks like a cow. Not that I’m relating anyone to animals, but it’s the closest thing. People either chew like rats or they chew like cows. If you chew like a cow and your just grinding and grinding, you’re destroying your teeth. The Botox decreases the ability to exert those forces onto the teeth and that really helps in a combination with other things that we can do. Whatever you invest in e.g. Botox and Occlusal guards is a far lower cost investment over time than if you just did nothing and ignored the problem, and you had to go back and extract teeth, crown them all, make dentures put implants in. There’s so many things we can do once you’ve lost your teeth, but saving them is a far better decision for you as an individual then just letting them go to heck, and dealing with it later.

This is just some different things that you can use these for. Feel free to call the office and do a consultation, and we’ll get started.

This is Dr. Michaelangelo Aust of Modern Family Dentist and I certainly hope you enjoyed today’s bite size bit. I’ll see you soon. Have a great day.