Do you have unpleasant or unsightly chips in your teeth? Are your teeth crooked but you feel you are past the point in your life where you could feasibly have braces? There is another alternative that we offer at Modern Family Dentists, LLC! It is pain free and can be completed in as little the three sessions.


The quick fix that’s long lasting are porcelain veneers. Made of a durable material that doesn’t chip or crack, veneers are shaped to your teeth and your teeth only and placed over top of the enamel you already have, adding a protective, polished looking layer.


In order to place the veneers, your teeth are first mapped by Dr. Aust and the veneers are shaped to fit your teeth. If a tooth is crooked or chipped the veneer is adjusted to fit perfectly straight over your crooked or chipped tooth. Then a little bit of your enamel is sanded away to make room for the veneer, and to create an adhesive texture for the resin, which will affix the veneer, to be placed.


Your second visit will be prepping your teeth and placing the first of the veneers with precision on to your teeth. The resin used to affix the veneers to your teeth is UV reactive and will be hardened by a special UV light we have here at Modern Family Dentists, LLC. Your third visit will be Dr. Aust finishing and polishing the veneers so that they shine brightly for you!


Just like that, no surgery, no invasion, not even a single needle, and you could greet the world with a brand-new, sparkling smile! And remember, at Modern Family Dentists LLC, we believe Smiles Change Outcomes TM.