When you think of your future, do you see yourself smiling brightly, and able to bite and chew as you please?

If not, reach out to Dr. Aust at Modern Family Dentists LLC to discuss the possibility of a single tooth implant. Single tooth implants are common, but they have the same appearance as a natural tooth so you would never be the wiser. An implant can help you regain confidence and connections in your life.

Dental implants are safe and effective solutions to missing teeth, uncomfortable dentures, or other dental problems. Dr. Aust can ensure that your confidence and shine return with the addition of a single tooth dental implant. Over 40% of adults over the age of 35 have at least one implant, and over 50% of adults over 74 years of age have less than half of their natural teeth. Why let this hold you back from leading a successful and fulfilling life? Surrounding teeth are not damaged during the implant procedure, and the implant has the same look and feel as a natural tooth. The success rate of implants is 98%+, meaning a high quality implant will last a lifetime.

It’s time to stop hiding your smile. You don’t deserve to hide or compromise how you communicate and chew your food every day. Allow Dr. Aust to introduce you to our single tooth implant procedure and see how it can change your life. At Modern Family Dental, we are invested in our clients beyond performing a procedure for them. We want to ensure that you are comfortable, happy, and informed throughout your entire dental implant process and any other work you do with us. At Modern Family Dentist LLC, we are about smiles change outcomes.

If this sounds like you, Dr. Aust’s office welcomes your inquiry. Adding a dental implant to your life could be the difference between a confidence boost and continuing to disguise your naturally sparkling smile.

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