Is hiding your smile holding you back in life? Dr. Aust at Modern Family Dentists LLC can help you to remedy this and to get your life and confidence back. A single tooth implant is a safe and effective means of replacing a lost or damaged tooth without an overly invasive procedure. During a single tooth implant, the surrounding teeth are not damaged like they could be with resin bonding or otherwise. Hiding your smile or struggling to chew can be debilitating. Regaining these things into your life can be a monumental change if it means confidence, sociability, happiness returns to your life. Dr. Aust’s office is a premier dental practice, able to inform and consult you on the possibility of improving your life with a dental implant. We are committed to making you feel fabulous and allowing your true personality to shine through your smile.

Modern Family Dentists LLC will work with you to devise a treatment plan that fits your needs and helps you regain your sense of self, through a revitalized smile. Single tooth implants are equal in appearance to a natural tooth, and have an extremely high success rate as a lifelong solution to one or more missing teeth. Single tooth implants have three vital parts: the crown, the abutment, and the fixture. The crown is a restoration that covers the implanted fixture, giving the appearance of a natural tooth. The abutment attaches the fixture to the crown or restoration. The fixture is implanted in the jawbone and holds the abutment and crown in place.

Modern Family Dentists LLC uses Zirconia with feldspathic windows, meaning that the implant uses a glass-free ceramic, with glass ceramic windows. Zirconia is a hearty material that can withstand weight and pressure over time. The feldspathic porcelain offers a realistic look to the crown, ensuring that your implant fits well with the shape and color of your natural teeth. These materials are optimal for providing you with an implant that looks great while still withstanding wear and tear, for up to a lifetime!

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