Dr. Aust at Modern Family Dentists LLC can help you to permanently improve your smile, and your quality of life. If you are missing teeth, have uncomfortable dentures or partials, or wish to generally improve your smile, Dr. Aust would be glad to help you. A single tooth implant can improve your quality of life greatly by unmasking the naturally beaming smile you’ve been hiding. In addition, an improved ability to chew and speak is always welcomed. Wouldn’t you rather be able to eat, speak, and smile as you please?

A single tooth implant is both safe and effective in helping you accomplish these goals. The surrounding teeth are not damaged when an implant is used, meaning you can keep as many teeth as possible. Imagine yourself smiling wide in a family photo, or no longer having to cover your mouth when you talk. All of this can be yours through dental implants.

Dr. Aust offers single tooth dental implants as well as all-on-4, a revolutionary system that can replace an entire row of teeth using only four implants. Dental implants may seem invasive or too expensive, but the results that can come from these procedures are outstanding. To have a full set of teeth is life changing, outlook changing, confidence boosting beyond measure.

With a variety of options to give you your best smile, Dr. Aust will work with you to devise a treatment plan to get you your best smile. At Modern Family Dentists LLC, we are all about smile change outcomes. We are trained in a variety of dental procedures, as well as in customer service, and in making you look fabulous! Single tooth dental implants are advantageous at any age if you are suffering due to missing or damaged teeth. A dental implant is convenient, and does not result in any bone loss. The great functionality that results from a dental implant can outweigh any downside you might think of. Client reviews of Dr. Aust’s office will prove time and time again that their practice is outstanding and willing to go above and beyond.

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