At Modern Family Dentists LLC we believe that every tooth deserves expert care. From the very first one that breaks through your child’s gums, they should be cared for as if they were adult teeth. A common mistake which can lead to oral complications later on in life, is to neglect to take care of a child’s baby teeth as well as you would their adult ones.


It is easy to think, “Well, they are just going to lose them anyways, we will take better care of the permanent ones.” When in reality this line of thinking has been discovered to be destructive. Not only do teeth need care from day one, but keeping your child’s teeth clean promotes healthy gums and a healthy heart.


Although fluoride should not be used on your child until age two, it is essential to start teaching your child or children good brushing habits starting at the infant age, about four to seven months old. Taking your child to the dentist regularly from their first tooth to their last tooth to come in is essential to understanding how your child’s mouth will develop.


With Dr. Aust’s careful and knowledgeable eye, early decay, or crooked teeth can be detected before they become a serious issue. Keep your child healthy and happy, schedule regular visits with Modern Family Dentists LLC as soon as their first tooth comes in!

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