For some dental procedures, it is necessary to take X-rays of the mouth to view the inside of the teeth. This procedure, known as radiology, is to help determine any issues or complications and their extent before performing their required procedure.

Your General Dentist, along with all other dentists, dental hygienists and most dental assistants will have enough experience and training to perform typical dental radiology. In circumstance that require sophisticated radiology, an Oral and/or Maxillofacial Radiology specialist will be needed.

Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologists are usually dentists who have at least 2 years of postdoctoral education in this area. They are usually referred to when X-rays are needed to show:


  • Various characteristics of the skull
  • The temporomandibular joint (where the jaw meets the skull)
  • All of the teeth in one view
  • Any many others


There are many specialist radiology laboratories that provide high-quality dental radiography, and are usually staffed by well-educated technicians and/or dentists.

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