Have you ever wondered how teeth whitening works? Modern Family Dentists LLC would like to introduce you to KoR whitening, a leading innovator in whitening products. Teeth whitening is an effective way to get a crisp clean look, and polish off any smile. KoR products make that possible and Modern Family Dentists brings you this service at a moderate price.

KoR Whitening differs from most inexpensive whitening, and at home whitening kits because it is not peroxide reaction based. Instead KoR relies on a type of “bleaching” technology which uses free radical ions to break loose stains and pigment molecules trapped within the microstructure of your teeth.

This works faster and harder than a peroxide reaction which works by breaking down into water and oxygen, and fewer free radicals that naturally occur in the breakdown process. This is not as effective as KoR’s Hydremide Peroxide “bleaching” power.

Most whitening gels work in ways that your saliva combats. Your body combats the ingredients of the gel as it is working on your teeth, making the time it is effective for limited to about a half hour. At Modern Family Dentists LLC we have KöR whitening KöR-Seal™ trays which form to your jaw and seal out saliva so that the gel is effective for the longest possible time. In combination with KoR’s gel and the tray you get six to ten hours of whitening activity as opposed to just a half hour!

Schedule a visit with Dr. Aust today to talk more about KoR teeth whitening and to set up an appointment to get your teeth whitened! As patient testimonials will tell, getting your teeth whitened can completely change your smile. Who knows what doors your new smile will open, until you come see us?