At Modern Family Dentists LLC we have a variety of financing options for many levels of care. We believe every person deserves excellent dental care, and we believe our expert dentist Dr. Aust provides that care better than anyone. However you do not have to pay extravagantly in order to receive the best care thanks to our options!


We accept most dental insurance plans and for those who do not have dental insurance we offer an in-office dental plan with great one-time yearly rates for standard plans. We call it the Modern Family Dentists LLC Benefit Plan TM! We also accept all major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Network Cards.


As a courtesy to you, we will help explain to you all the costs involved and what insurance will cover and what will remain for you to cover, before you appointment. No need to call your insurance, or wait nervously until the end of you appointment to know what will come out of your pocket.


We offer a service called Care credit which lets you get treatment right away and pay it off later with a low monthly budget. We also have payment plans, some with zero interest. If you find yourself without dental insurance and in need of dental care, we have the Modern Family Dentists LLC Benefit Plan TM, which enrolling in gets you 30-50% off average dental fees in the Kenosha area! Membership for one person is $197 annually and covers exam fees and x-rays for all your visits. Get great dental care at great rates from Modern Family Dentists LLC!

Have more questions? Read more on our Financing page.