The condition of one’s teeth can have a significant impact on the outcome of many social interactions. A healthy smile is appreciated in almost all cultures and societies, and therefore a full set of healthy and natural-looking teeth is universally desirable. Because of this, many dentists choose to focus on offering Esthetic or Cosmetic Dentistry.

This nonspecialist area incorporates all areas of dentistry, but mainly focuses on restorative and prosthodontic procedures, such as:

– Teeth bleaching/whitening

– Veneers

– Tooth-colored restorations (fillings and crowns)

– Recontouring crooked or misaligned teeth

– And many others

While Esthetic or Cosmetic Dentistry is not legally defined as a specialization (which usually requires 2+ years of specific postdoctoral education), a dentist that emphasizes a focus on these areas will usually (though not always) be more knowledgeable and/or skilled than a typical General Dentist.