Now you see it…..Soon you won’t!

When you want to eat the turkey and not look like one!  This is the stuff!  It’s true “fat don’t crack.”  With this stuff it just melts away leaving nice tight skin.  Nothing lights up a room like a bright, dynamic smile, but when eyes crinkle and foreheads wrinkle you might want to smooth them.  When chins droop, just melt it away!  We can’t tell you who uses it in our office, but his initials are Mr. Dr. Aust!  He’s a total fan, jeez these guys with their halfway to midway midlife annual crisis.  <Grin>  Ladies Mrs Dr Aust is a master injector.    She runs point in our office on this.  It is the fun stuff and she is totally the fun doctor.  (BTW it’s been said her hands are more gentle……but you didn’t hear that from me)

Her results are superior.  Don’t forget it’s your face ladies……use an expert with needles……and for this stuff, don’t go cheap, you will be sorry you did.

TL;DR Prescription medicine used in adults to improve the appearance of fat below the chin.  AKA …. melt the double chin DOWN.

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