The Civil War Museum located at 5400 1st Ave, Kenosha, WI 53140 is a great place to learn about the soldiers of the Civil War who came from the upper Midwest. The relics and exhibits at the museum showcase the men who fought for the Union. You can learn more about the battles these brave men fought in and see the relics for yourself. In addition, you can also view the war’s relics.

The Civil War Museum in Kenosha, WI is unlike other Civil War museums around the country. It focuses on the upper middle west states that contributed over one million men to the Union army and provided the raw materials needed by northern states to continue the war. The museum uses personal accounts and artifacts to examine the impact of the Civil Wars on the home front and connect the prewar causes to the effects of the war.

A visit to the museum is free and includes the Veterans Gallery, where you can view artifacts from different wars. You can also take part in the museum’s activities and programs by visiting the Civil War Museum Kenosha WI. You can find a wide variety of educational programs and events at the Kenosha WI County Historical Society. If you’re looking for a fun day out, be sure to check out the Civil War Museum. It’s worth the visit.

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The Civil War Museum is located on the shores of Lake Michigan, and is a popular place for offsite meetings and workshops. You can get plenty of free parking and A/V equipment at this venue. The second floor terrace is a perfect location for a wedding ceremony, and the museum’s restaurant is a lovely choice for a reception. You can also have your wedding ceremony at the museum, but it’s important to note that the Civil War Museum is temporarily closed due to a Covid project.

The museum is a great place to learn about the Civil War. The permanent exhibits are beautiful and lifelike and include artifacts from the period. There are special exhibits upstairs. You can learn about the trade and the lives of the people who lived in this area in the past. If you have children, they’ll enjoy the Seeing the Elephant play. This interactive show is played hourly. You’ll definitely enjoy the show. Ask us anything.