Happy Holidays!  


Our Practice is Expanding!
As many of you may have noticed, it is becoming more and more difficult to schedule an appointment in our office. In order to maintain the same ease of scheduling that we used to have, we have decided to welcome Dr Natalija Aust to our practice. Although she will miss spending time at home with her family, Dr Natalija is very eager to practice dentistry and meet all of our patients.

Dr Natalija enjoys doing restorative dentistry and oral surgery the most. 

Dr Natalija has practiced dentistry for over 13 years and also specializes in Botox and dermal fillers.

She enjoys movies and theater when not spending time with her kids.


The Benefits of Implants

Implants are a fantastic way to replace missing teeth. An implant is not only an aesthetically pleasing way to replace the missing tooth, they are also very functional because it is a one tooth solution as opposed to a bridge or a denture which require preparing multiple teeth in the mouth. 

An implant restoration is a three step process. During the first stage a metal root (implant) is placed in the mouth. The bone then needs to heal around the implant to create a root-like structure for the restoration. During the next stage, an abutment is attached to the implant. The abutment acts as a screw to attach the implant to the restoration. The last phase is attaching the restoration to the abutment. The restorations are all custom made to match your teeth so that they are virtually undetectable.


The Benefits of Implants Continued:

If you think you, or someone you know, may be interested in investigating whether implants are an option for you, give our office a call and we can set up a free consultation.


Have you been dreaming of a straight smile your whole life? Our office is now offering Invisalign to adult patients! 

Invisalign uses a series of virtually invisible aligners, to straighten teeth and correct a wide variety of bite issues. Because Invisalign is removable, there are virtually no worries or restrictions. 

You can get the beautiful smile you have been dreaming of in less than a year! Call our office today to set up a free consultation to discuss whether Invisalign is an option for you.

Now Collecting Hats, Gloves and Scarves!


In an effort to help out in the Kenosha community this holiday season, we are collecting new, unused hats, gloves, and scarves under our Christmas tree to hand out to the local homeless shelters. Drop off your donation any time during the next month!

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