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Why our Office Requires Prepayment of Appointments:
Dr. Aust here!  Ever wonder why we ask for pre-payment?  I bet you do!  My basic answer is you have to buy the airplane ticket before you get onto the plane.
If you haven’t noticed by now, I firmly believe that there is not another clinic in the area that creates more value for individuals than we do.  When you reserve an appointment, I set aside a very liberal amount of time specifically for you.  I love to talk!  I don’t rush, and many of you have noticed, you get the office and the staff all to yourself.  When a dental clinic gets too many cancellations last minute the usual answer is to raise the fees to make up for that empty spot. Modern Family Dentists is value driven, so we don’t shift that cost onto all our great customers that love to show up.
Have you noticed that companies will create a policy that will punish 99% of their great customers by trying to deal with the 1% of bad customers?  Yep, we all know….there are bad customers!  My solution has always been to serve and focus on the 99%.  The 1% that doesn’t want to prepay to help make their experience better, and increase their value, get to go somewhere else. 
We have noticed that requiring prepayment has decreased the number of no-shows to almost zero, which allows us to effectively schedule and keep our fees more competitive than any other clinic around.  Keep helping us with that!  
Prepayment Cont. 

Why would you want to pay more for someone else’s mistake?  I know I don’t want to.  In healthcare we call it “cost shifting,” THERE IS ACTUALLY A WORD!  It is something that I have always, and will continue, to write and speak against. 

Collecting ahead of time also enables you to get earlier appointments because only the people actually concerned about their health make appointments.  We greatly appreciate you as a person and hope this adequately explains why you buy your ticket before you get on the plane! 

I am so grateful for each and every individual that comes to us for care and if this ever becomes a burden, just ask Jamie for help!

Signs you might need a Root Canal

Infections can sometimes sneak up on you! Here are some of the signs that a root canal might be needed:

  • swelling near the root of your tooth, sometimes draining a bad tasting fluid
  • severe constant pain from a tooth, even long after exposure to hot or cold temperatures
  • the tooth appears to be broken to the gum line (or deeper)

A root canal can solve this pain by removing the pulp and nerve of a tooth while preserving the tooth in the mouth. It allows you to preserve the tooth and its function while removing the infection from within the tooth.  Remember nothing is as good as what God gave you, it is always optimal to keep your natural teeth as long as you can.


Root Canals Cont. 

As always, seek the professional opinion of a dentist to ensure you are getting the correct care you need. We offer free consultations if you think this may be the right choice for you. Typically we can diagnose a root canal from a simple x-ray.

Mind the Gap!

A gap between your front teeth can be seen as a fashion accessory or an embarrassment for some patients. If you fall under the embarrassment category, we have a few solutions for you!

The most common solution to fix the gap is with adult braces, we offer Invisalign trays that can fix this problem in as little as 3 months! Invisalign trays are a set of clear retainers that slowly shift the teeth into alignment.  Today, 25% of braces nation wide are performed on adults.  Another option is through a procedure called a frenectomy. This procedure removes the small fold of tissue that attaches the lip to the gums (the frenulum). This procedure can shrink the gum tissue in between the front teeth, allowing them to push together. Frenectomies work the best in teens and young adults.  The final option is to build up the tooth with resin bond, enlarging the size of the teeth to fill the gap, this option works best in adults.  

If you are interested in any of these procedures, call our office at 262-484-4356 and we can discuss what option would be best for you!

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