This edition of our news letter focuses on things you can do to promote a healthy mouth.

Recommended Products
Why do products matter?  Remember controlling disease in your mouth is all about controlling ACID.  The lower the pH in your mouth the moredamage you will get from cavities and gum disease.  I’m happy to fix it but you have to have the right “tools” to prevent it.  Little hinges swing big doors and what you do everyday matters most.  As most of you know I usually recommend a few different products for patients. My favorite to recommend is the Sonicare toothbrush. This toothbrush is patented with special technology that allows the bristles to vibrate at a frequency that destroys the cell wall of the bacteria that grow in our mouth. Unfortunately, since there is a patent on the product the only company that sells the model for the bacteria bursting toothbrushes is Phillips.  Going into the holiday season you should be able to find great deals.  The tooth brushes come in many models, and have a wide range of prices- you can find them almost anywhere, we recommend checking Target, Amazon, Walgreens or Kohls.The second product I recommend is Xylitol gum or mints. When the bacteria in your mouth eat the xylitol, the bacteria think they are full but are really starving to death. We recommend purchasing it from this website, their products have high xylitol content unlike that which you can find at a gas station or grocery store.
The third product I highly recommend is the CariFree mouthwash, this can only be purchased from their website. The CariFree CTx4 treatment rinse has many benefits, it also has xylitol in it to kill bacteria. It is alcohol free, so it will not dry out the mouth like other mouthwashes can. It also has fluoride in the rinse to help with sensitivity. The CTx4 rinse also neutralizes the acid found in your mouth to prevent further decay. If this mouthwash is not in the budget make sure you get a mouthwash without alcohol in it.  Alcohol based mouthwash will lower the pH in your mouth which causes damage.We currently don’t sell the products we recommend in our office because there are lots of places you can purchase them that are very convenient.  Oral Health should be convenient health!
Best Brushing PracticesYou should always brush your teeth two times a day for two minutes… Then spend one minute on your tongue.  But what else should you do to promote great oral hygiene?Floss! Flossing dislodges the food particles, bacteria and plaque on the surfaces of your teeth that a toothbrush might not reach. It is important to remove any food particles that get stuck in your mouth throughout the day- rinsing with water after eating can help this.


Sipping on sugary or acidic beverages throughout the day can also cause decay. You are continuously exposing your mouth to harmful bacteria causing substances over and over again without any cleansing. Beverages high in acidity or sugars should be consumed with food so that they have less time to create build-up on the teeth.
Foods that are Great for Oral HygieneDiet and nutrition can affect your oral hygiene, just like it can affect your overall health and well being.Carrots, apples and celery are all crunchy foods that can increase the flow of saliva to the mouth, which dilutes the sugars from these fruits and vegetables from causing build up.

Dairy products can reduce the acidity in the mouth- just make sure the milk is not flavored or full of sugars. Cashews have bacteria fighting properties (and also are great for the skin- their natural shell oil fights acne bacteria). Wasabi has special properties that prevent bacteria from sticking to the teeth.

Any fruit or vegetable with high acid, like oranges and tomatoes should be eaten with a full meal, to balance the minimize the effects of the acid.

With the help of the products Dr. Aust recommends, as well as proper brushing, flossing, and diet should lead to a great dental check up!


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