Modern Family Dentists is now offering a variety of sedation options!

The most basic sedation form we have is nitrous, Nitrous helps you to relax during your appointment, and has no lasting effects, so once your appointment is complete, the effects wear off within five minutes. Many patients with dental anxiety choose this option because it allows you to relax, and you are able to recover from the effects within minutes.

Another option is conscious sedation. Conscious sedation uses pills that you take at home and in office for a sedative effect lasting 60-90 minutes. This relaxing result, while you still breathe and respond on your own, has some amnesic effects.

The last form of sedation we offer is Anxiolysis. Anxiolysis uses a pill like valium and gets a relaxing result that can take the edge off if you are nervous, and can be combined with nitrous for added effect.  

All three have varying fees.  If you or someone you know may be interested, feel free to inquire at the office.


Welcome Chelsey!

We have recently hired another full time assistant! Chelsey is currently attending an online assistant school while completing her training in our office. She enjoys horseback riding and snowmobiling during the winter. Chelsey looks forward to meeting all of our amazing patients!

Intra Oral Camera

We use our intra oral cameras pretty often at Modern Family Dentists. They allow us to:

  • show patients conditions
  • track the progression of a dental issue
  • submit them with dental claims as evidence for a claim to be paid
  • show other Doctors your condition for second opinions or referrals

The intra oral camera is a great diagnostic tool. The best part about it? We use it at no cost to you!

Flexible Payment Options 

 At Modern Family Dentists we firmly believe that dental care should be affordable for everyone, which is why we offer our in-office discount program and several financing options. We pride ourselves in having options that can fit in nearly everyone’s budget.

Our in-office discount program allows patients without insurance to receive discounted services, making dental care affordable when dental insurance is not an option.

We offer financing through three separate companies as well as short-term plans through our office. This provides you with a variety of pricing, as well as zero- interest options.

If you have any interest seeing what options are available to you, please call our office and ask to speak with Jamie, she can answer all your financial questions!

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